Ziggy's Pizza
343a Canning Highway
Perth, Western Australia
Ph: 9339 5555

This is where I used work three nights a week, up until the end of 1997. I didn't make much money there, but it meant that I could stay up nights on the Net (ie sleep during daytime). Anyway, all this is highly irrelevant. The person that used to manage the shop, Dave, always had a short temper, and he didn't like me a whole lot. Which meant that I copped a lot of abuse from him. As in, he seemed to make it his mission in life to make my life there to be as miserable as possible with all his abuse and general yelling at me for no reason. Dave left Ziggy's some time ago, but I figured that after putting up with all his crap I would have to get back at him sometime. And that time is now.... See, Dave just hates being photographed. Just can't stand it. So one night I took in my digital camera and snapped off a few pics for the night. This made Dave go even more nuts, but it was all worth it. Dave's main fear was that one of those pics would some day end up on the Internet for all to see. Well Dave, now that you mention it...

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